59. Which direction? (Listen and Read)

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59. Which direction?
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Which direction should I go in?
Should I go up?
If I go up, I will head toward the sky.
I can go up the stairs.
Should I go down?
I can go down the stairs to the basement.
I can climb down into a hole.
Should I go left or right?
I am right-handed, so I know which way right is.
Should I go backwards?
I would be going away from the things that I am facing now if I went backwards.
If I went backwards from the thing that I am facing,
I would go away from it.
Should I go forward?
I will just go straight ahead if I go forward.
If I am facing something and I go forward,
then I will go toward the thing that I am facing.
Maybe I should go sideways,
but which side, left or right?
It sounds very complicated, but it is not.
Directions are very easy to follow if you just stop and think about them.
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