58. Who What Where and Why (Listen and Read)

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58. Who What Where and Why
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These are important words.
They're all words that begin questions.
"Who" is about a person.
Who is the girl with the blue dress on?
Who stole my watch?
Who will come with me to the game?
Who is driving us to the party?
"What" is about a thing.
What is that big thing on the sidewalk?
What should I do when I get to your house?
What kind of clothes should I wear to the party?
What shall I buy you for your birthday?
"Where" is about a place.
Where are you going for your vacation?
Where did I leave my glasses?
Where did my brother go?
Where on earth is Timmins?
"Why" is the word that asks for an explanation.
Why did you take the last piece of pie?
Why is the world round?
Why should I give you any money?
Why did the chicken cross the street?
They say that you should answer all of these questions if you are writing a good story.
You have to give the who, what, where and why to write a good story.
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