64. Me (Listen and Read)

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64. Me
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I am special. Nobody in the world is exactly like I am.
They might have the same hair color and eyes that I do,
but they are not exactly like me.
I am the only person in the world who thinks my thoughts.
No two people in the world are exactly alike.
It is good to be your own person.
It is good to be creative and be natural.
People have to follow the laws and the rules.
People should always be kind to others.
I try to follow all the rules.
I am kind to others.
I am a lot like many other people, yet I am different.
I am like my friend Jane,
but she has red hair and I have dark hair.
She has a loud voice, and I have a soft voice.
She likes to eat vegetables, and I do not.
Jane and I are the same height.
We both like movies, and we are both afraid of spiders.
We wear the same size shoes, and we both have the same favorite color.
We are best friends, but sometimes we disagree about things.
We are alike in many ways, and different in many ways.
If we were all exactly the same,
the world would be a very boring place.
I am myself, and I am glad that I am special.
You are special too.
Use your own special talents, and take the time to meet other people.
The world is made up of a lot of different people,
and that's what makes life exciting.
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