63. The two sexes (Listen and Read)

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63. The two sexes
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There are two sexes or genders.
There is the male gender, and there is the female gender.
Males and females are different, both physically and mentally.
Humans are both male and female, and animals are both male and female.
If you have a dog, it is either a girl dog or a boy dog.
Boys grow up to be men.
Men grow hair on their faces.
Men are usually more muscular than women.
Men dress differently than women.
Men are males. Males are masculine.
Girls grow up to be women.
Only women can have babies.
Women are females. Females are feminine.
Another word for women is ladies.
It is good that we have males and females.
Your father is a male.
Your grandfather, brother and uncle are males.
Your mother is a female.
Your grandmother, sister and aunt are females.
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