69. My classroom (Listen and Read)

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69. My classroom
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My classroom is a large room.
It's full of brightly colored pictures.
My teacher hangs pictures up all over the walls.
There are blackboards at the front of the room.
My teacher always has writing all over the blackboards.
Sometimes the chalk squeaks when she writes on the blackboard.
We cover our ears when that happens.
Our classroom is full of desks.
There are a lot of students in our class.
Our desks are full of books, notebooks and pens.
I try to keep my desk neat,
but I have a lot of things in there.
My ruler and pencils are always falling out of my desk.
At the back of the room is a bookcase full of books.
We can sign those books out and take them home to read.
I have read a lot of the books.
I like mysteries and biographies,
so I have taken many of those home.
There are also tables at the back of the room.
That's where we do our artwork.
We spread out big sheets of paper,
and use paints or crayons to make pictures.
Sometimes we cut things out of magazines with scissors
and we glue pictures to the paper.
I like art class.
After school, my friends and I often erase the blackboards for the teacher.
Then we take the erasers outside and clap them together to get the chalk dust out of them.
My friends and I walk home together
and talk about what we did in school
and what we're going to do after supper.
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