71. My house (1) (Listen and Read)

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71. My house (1)
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I live in a two-storey house.
The bottom of the house is painted white.
The upper part of the house is made of red brick.
The chimney is also made of red brick.
If you go through the front door and turn right you'll see the living room.
The living room is very large and comfortable.
There are easy chairs, a coffee table and a sofa in there.
I like to sit in there and relax.
Next to the living room is the dining room.
There are a dining table and chairs in there.
We use this room whenever we have visitors over for dinner.
Beside the dining room is the kitchen.
The kitchen has a stove and a refrigerator in it
There's also a kitchen table with some benches at it.
Most of the time we eat in the kitchen.
Upstairs there are three bedrooms.
My parents' bedroom is very big.
They have a large queen-sized bed in there,
and there are two closets for their clothes.
My room is smaller.
My room is painted pink,
and I have ruffled curtains on the windows.
From my bedroom window, you can see the front yard.
There is a pine tree in the front yard.
My brother's bedroom is painted blue.
He has blinds on the windows.
He has a bunk bed in his room.
If he has a friend stay over,
one of them can sleep on the top bunk,
and the other can sleep on the bottom bunk.
You can see the backyard from his bedroom window.
There are rose bushes and a picnic table in the backyard.
There is also a white fence that has a gate in it.
In the basement there is a recreation room.
This is where we watch television and have friends over to visit.
The laundry room is also in the basement.
There's a washing machine and a dryer in there.
Beside our house is a garage.
We keep the car in the garage whenever the weather is bad.
Our house is just the right size for our family.
Friends are always welcome at our house.
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