72. My family (Listen and Read)

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72. My family
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My grandparents are coming to visit us from Calgary, Alberta.
My father is very happy because they are his parents,
and he's glad that he will see them.
We don't see them very often because Calgary is a long way from Toronto.
My grandparents have two sons:
my father and my Uncle Bill.
Uncle Bill is married to my Aunt Susan.
They have a daughter who is my cousin.
My cousin is a lot older than I,
so we do not have a lot in common.
They also have a son who is the same age as me.
He is my favorite cousin
because we both like the same television shows
and the same games.
I have two brothers and one sister.
My brothers are both younger than I.
They are twins, so they have the same birthday.
My sister is one year older than I.
People say that my sister and I look alike.
We both have blonde hair and blue eyes.
My mother's parents live near us.
They are my grandmother and grandfather who visit us often.
My mother does not have any brothers or sisters.
She is an only child.
I like it when all my family is together.
I don't have a lot of cousins like some people do,
but I have fun with my relatives.
My uncle will often take my cousin and me to the movies.
I like to take my grandparents for walks
so they can see my school, and they can meet my friends.
My parents talk to my brothers and my sister and I a lot.
We are a very close-knit family.
People who have close families are very lucky.
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