74. Autumn (Listen and Read)

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74. Autumn
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Some people call autumn the "fall".
You can call it either one.
Autumn is the time when the leaves change color.
They change from green to beautiful shades of gold, orange and red.
It looks like an artist has come along and painted all the trees.
The air starts to get a little colder in the autumn.
We begin to wear jackets or sweaters.
We go back to school in the autumn.
The teacher sometimes gets us to make leaf collections.
We collect different types of leaves and make a display of them.
Autumn is the time when old friends get back together
and talk about what they did on their summer vacations.
Halloween comes in the autumn. We dress up in costumes.
Some of them are scary, and some of them are funny.
We go from door to door and say "Trick or treat"
and people give us candies.
We wear masks on our faces, and we have a lot of fun.
The autumn winds start to blow.
The wind blows the leaves right off the trees
until the trees have bare branches.
My friends and I have a lot of fun outside before the winter leaves us shivering.
We play football and soccer at school.
After school, we ride our bikes through the piles of dry leaves.
The leaves go flying through the air as we drive through them.
My parents rake the leaves up
and put them in a big pile.
I like to jump in the big piles of leaves,
but then my parents just have to rake them up again.
The skies get a little cloudier in the autumn,
and we know that soon there will be snow,
so we enjoy the brisk autumn weather while we can.
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