75. Summer (Listen and Read)

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75. Summer
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Yahoo! School is over!
We are free for the summer.
My friends and I run out on the last day of school into the bright summer sun.
We sing a song about "no more pencils and no more books".
We can hardly wait to do all the summer things that we like to do.
We go swimming, we play baseball,
we ride our bikes and we go to the beach.
We go on vacations, or some of us go to summer camp.
It is just nice to run barefoot through the grass
or lie on your back and look up at the clouds.
Summer days are lazy days.
We don't have to do school work.
We listen to the buzzing of the bees.
We watch the birds as they fly from tree to tree.
We go down to the pond and toss rocks into the water.
We eat ice cream, and we have barbecues.
Some of my friends' parents have boats, so we go for rides in their boats.
Some of my friends go to their cottages.
They have cottages on lakes.
Some of my friends even have summer jobs.
My best friend works at a supermarket.
My father pays me to do jobs for him.
I cut the grass, take out the garbage and wash the car.
I like to be outside in the sunshine.
On Sundays, my mother will pack a picnic lunch, and we go down to the park.
Sometimes we play baseball.
There is also a tennis court at the park.
I'm a very good tennis player.
My sister just likes to swing on the swings and slide down the slide.
We eat our sandwiches and watch out for the ants that always seem to be at picnics.
After we have our lunch, my sister and I run off to play with the other children.
My dad has a nap, and my mother reads her book.
My skin gets brown from the sun in the summer.
Summer is my favorite season.
I like the sounds, smells and feelings that come with the summer sun.
Summer is a lot of fun. I wish summer could go on forever.
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