77. The dentist (Listen and Read)

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77. The dentist
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My friend's father is a dentist.
He has an office near my house.
I went to see him on Thursday.
His nurse told me to sit in a very big chair.
She tied a bib under my chin.
The dentist came in.
He examined my teeth with some shiny silver tools.
He looked at my front teeth and my back teeth.
He told me that the back teeth were called molars.
He told me to "open wide".
He had a little mirror that he used to look at my teeth.
He said that I had good strong teeth.
He told me that I didn't have any cavities.
I told him that I didn't eat a lot of candies
and that I always brushed my teeth after every meal.
He said that was very good.
He asked me if I flossed my teeth, and I said,
"Yes, I use dental floss every day".
He told me that my teeth were healthy
because I took very good care of them.
He left and told me to keep up the good work.
The dental hygienist came in,
and she said that she would clean my teeth for me.
She scraped my teeth with a sharp tool,
and then she put some polish on my teeth and began to clean them.
When she was done, she told me to spit into a bowl,
and then I rinsed my mouth out with water.
I looked into a mirror and saw that my teeth were very shiny and white.
If I take care of my teeth, I'll have them forever.
I would like to keep my teeth healthy and white.
I like to smile.
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