78. The school play (Listen and Read)

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78. The school play
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We are putting on a play at school.
Some of the students are actors in the play.
Some people are building the sets.
Some people will sew costumes,
and some people will be makeup artists.
The teacher is the director of the play.
The play will be held on a big stage in the gymnasium.
The curtains will open, the lights will go on, and the play will begin.
It will be very exciting.
All of our families will come to see the play.
They will clap when the play is over.
My friend is very good at cutting wood and building things.
He's helping to build the set.
My other friend, Michael, is an artist,
so he is painting the set so that it looks like a forest.
My friend Marie likes to put makeup on people, so she is a makeup artist.
She will put makeup on me so that I will look like an old woman.
Some of the mothers helped to sew the costumes.
The play is called "Hansel and Gretel".
I will play the part of the witch.
The boy who plays Hansel has to wear shorts and a shirt.
I wear a witch's hat and a black dress.
I also carry a broom.
Some of the people in my class will be dressed like trees and flowers.
This is a musical play,
and the trees and flowers will sing to Hansel and Gretel as they walk through the forest.
I can hardly wait for opening night.
I want my family and friends to see me acting on stage.
I hope they will like the play.
We have all learned our lines and worked very hard at making this play a success.
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