79. Emotions (Listen and Read)

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79. Emotions
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Do you ever think about your emotions?
What kinds of things make you sad?
I get sad when I get a bad mark in school
or when someone that I like moves away.
I sometimes see sad movies that make me cry.
I don't like to be sad.
I don't like to have a frown on my face.
I like to be happy. I'm happy most of the time.
Parties make me happy.
Being with my friends makes me happy.
Lots of things make me happy.
If someone tells me a joke, I laugh.
I enjoy laughing.
Funny movies make me laugh.
I think that people look the best when they smile.
What kinds of things make you mad?
I get mad when my brother breaks one of my toys.
I try not to show it when I get mad.
My parents get mad at me if I come home late.
I don't think anger is a good emotion.
It is best to stay calm and talk things over.
Emotions come from inside you,
but they show on your face.
People can tell when you're mad, or sad or happy.
I prefer to look happy.
Sometimes I even smile when I'm feeling sad,
and the smile makes me feel a little better.
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