80. My first job (Listen and Read)

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80. My first job
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I just got a job at the grocery store.
This is my first job.
I will receive a pay cheque every two weeks.
I wear a uniform.
The uniform has the name of the grocery store on it.
I have many jobs at the grocery store.
I have to collect all the carts from the parking lot
and bring them back into the store.
I have to put all the produce out for the people to see.
I will be putting out the vegetables.
There are carrots, lettuce, cabbages, cucumbers and beans to put out this morning.
I also have to put the fruit out on the stands so that it looks nice.
The oranges roll away when I put them out, so I have to be careful.
I put out the apples, bananas and grapes.
I stack boxes up so that people can buy cereal and cookies.
I have to be careful, or the boxes will fall.
There are cans of things which also need to be placed on the shelves.
Yesterday, I filled the shelves with canned vegetables and soup.
I like talking to people at the grocery store.
This morning, a lady asked me where the bakery department was.
She needed a loaf of bread.
I have directed people to the meat department,
and to the dairy products.
I would like to work in the bakery.
I think I would like to bake cakes and decorate them.
It would be fun to bake breads and cookies.
Or maybe, I would like to be a cashier,
and work at the cash register.
I am very good at counting money.
I am enjoying my job at the grocery store.
I hope that I can continue to work here part-time during the school year.
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