86. A wedding (Listen and Read)

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86. A wedding
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The church bells are ringing.
I am inside the church waiting for my cousin to walk down the aisle.
Today is her wedding day.
She is a bride.
The organist is playing a song on the organ.
We all stand up and watch my cousin walk down the aisle.
She is arm in arm with her father.
She is dressed in a long white dress and a veil.
She looks so beautiful. She looks like a princess.
The man who she is going to marry is standing at the front of the church.
He is the groom. He looks nice too.
He is wearing a suit, and he has a flower in his lapel.
The minister says words to the couple which will make them man and wife.
The bride and groom smile at each other, but they seem to be a little bit nervous.
They give each other golden rings to wear to symbolize that they are married.
They kiss each other and walk out of the church as the organist plays joyous music.
Some of the people in the church cried at the wedding, but not because they were sad.
Everyone in the church is very happy for the couple.
A photographer takes pictures of the happy couple.
We wish them well and look forward to the reception where we will have dinner,
and we will dance and have a good time until it is very late.
The bride will throw her bouquet of flowers,
and it is said whoever catches the bouquet will be the next bride.
The next day, the bride and groom will leave for their honeymoon.
My cousin and her husband are going to Mexico for their honeymoon.
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