87. A surprise (Listen and Read)

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87. A surprise
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Last Friday my dad came home from work and said that he had a surprise for us.
We tried to guess what the surprise might be.
My brother guessed that we were going out for dinner.
My dad said "no".
My other brother asked if my father had tickets to a hockey game.
My dad said "no".
My sister asked if we were going on a trip.
My dad said "no".
My mother knew what the surprise was, so she just stood and smiled at us.
I guessed that we might be getting a swimming pool.
My dad said "no".
We were getting very frustrated trying to guess what the surprise might be.
My brother asked how big the surprise was.
My dad said that the surprise was quite small.
We were not sure what the surprise could be.
"Will we all like it?" I asked.
"Yes" my dad replied.
Every one of you will love this surprise.
We heard a noise. It was a crying noise.
"Your surprise wants to see you," my dad said.
He opened the door to the bedroom, and a tiny puppy came running out.
We were all very excited. Our surprise was a puppy.
It was a little baby spaniel.
The puppy loved all of us.
She ran around and licked all of our faces.
We had always wanted a dog.
We take turns feeding the puppy and taking her out for walks.
She is growing quickly and will soon be an adult dog.
We all agree that the puppy was the nicest surprise my dad could have given us.
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