88. Rhyming words (Listen and Read)

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88. Rhyming words
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Sometimes my friends and I play a game.
It's something we made up, so it doesn't have a name.
We like to take words that rhyme.
We put them together line by line.
Do you get the picture now?
We're playing the game, and this is how.
I might say I like to drive a car.
I really don't like to go very far.
If I decide to take a walk,
I'd go with a friend so that we could talk.
Do you see that these lines rhyme?
Play the game if you have the time.
We could talk about school or even playing.
Do you know what I am saying?
Rhyming words is easy to do.
It's fun for me; it can be fun for you.
Just join in and say something.
Or make it into a song that you can sing.
There are so many words that rhyme with others.
Like "smile" and "mile" and "mothers" and "brothers".
I could spend all day just making up these things.
I could let my imagination fly on wings
Up to the clouds and back to my mind.
There are so many rhymes that I can find.
There are some words that are hard to find rhymes for.
I don't use those words anymore.
I like to choose words that are easy to rhyme.
Like "cat" and "bat" or "lime" and "time".
So give it a try, I know you'll have fun.
I'll say "goodbye," my rhyming is done.
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