91. Niagara Falls (Listen and Read)

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91. Niagara Falls
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I live in Niagara Falls.
Niagara Falls is a famous place.
A lot of tourists visit here every year.
Most of the tourists come to see the waterfalls.
The waterfalls are very beautiful and powerful.
At night they shine lights on the falls that make them even more dramatic.
Tourists line up against the railings to watch the water as it tumbles into the Niagara River.
There are other things in Niagara Falls that the tourists like to visit.
There are a lot of gift shops and museums.
There are many hotels that the tourists can stay at.
Tourism is very important to Niagara Falls.
Many people work in the tourism industry.
There are many jobs in the tourism industry.
You can take a special bus and tour Niagara Falls.
You can ride in a horse-drawn carriage in Niagara-on-the-Lake, or
you can take a balloon ride over the falls from the American side.
You can even ride in a helicopter over the falls.
Niagara Falls is very busy in the summertime.
Summer is the time when most tourists visit here.
Sometimes the tourists think it's raining near the falls,
but it is only the mist that rises from the mighty waterfalls.
There are many legends and stories connected to Niagara Falls.
There is a special legend called "The Maid of the Mist".
There are stories about the daredevils who thought that they were more powerful than the falls.
Some of them went over the falls in barrels,
and others walked on tightropes over the falls.
Both of those things are very dangerous.
I stay behind the railings when I look at the falls.
I know just how powerful the falls are.
It is interesting to discover all the stories that there are about Niagara Falls.
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