92. The library (Listen and Read)

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92. The library
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One of my favorite places is the library.
I go there to get books for school,
and I go there to get books for pleasure.
I often read mysteries for fun.
In the summer, I read lots of mysteries.
I like to sit outside and read.
In the winter, I have to read books for school.
I go to the library to find out things for my projects.
I often use the dictionary and the atlas.
Some of my friends go with me, and we sit at the tables and do our homework.
We can't make a lot of noise in the library. People have to be quiet when they are in a library.
When I first went to the library, I was confused about how to find books.
The librarian showed me how to use the computer to find books.
Now I am able to do all my research myself.
I have read some very interesting books.
I have learned a lot from library books.
I always bring the books back on time so I don't get a fine.
I am collecting books at home.
People often give me books for gifts.
Soon I will have my own library.
Reading is a good hobby.
Everyone in my family likes to read.
The library has other things besides books.
There are videos at the library.
There are also compact discs at the library.
I have a library card so I can get books,
videos or compact discs whenever I want to.
My mother sometimes goes to the library to look at the magazines.
She gets some good recipes from the magazines.
My father looks for books on how to build things.
He is building some bookshelves for me at the moment.
He found the instructions in a book.
My little brother reads children's books. He likes books about trains.
I have liked books ever since I was very small.
My mother says that reading is a good habit to get into.
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