97. Time (Listen and Read)

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97. Time
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Time is something you should never waste.
Once an hour is gone, it is gone forever.
You should make the most of every minute.
Time is a funny thing.
Some days go by so slowly.
Those are the days that you do things that aren't fun.
When you are having fun, time just flies by.
Time is made up of different units.
Seconds turn into minutes.
Minutes turn into hours.
Hours turn into days.
Days turn into weeks.
Weeks turn into months,
and months turn into years.
We measure our lives by time.
We are very concerned with time.
Even little children are very conscious of time.
Little children often want to appear older,
so if you ask a 3-year-old how old he is,
he will often say three and a half.
Many of our sayings are based on time.
"Give me a minute". "Hold on a second".
"I'm running out of time". "Time's up".
"I just want an hour of your time".
All of these are common things that we say,
and they're all based on time.
We are a society that lives by the clock.
We almost all wear watches, and we glance at our watches a lot.
Time is something that we can't see,
but it is a big factor in our lives.
How many times a day do you look at a watch or a clock?
I bet you'd be surprised at just how many times you do.
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