Conversation 102 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 102
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Ralph, I just wanted to compliment you on the photographs you took of our new menu items.
Would you be able to email those to my secretary so our social media team can use them?
No problem, Elsa.
Which ones did you want me to send over?
I would really like all of them.
Can you also make note of which restaurant location you were at,
and the name and price of the menu item?
Well, I am a little concerned that the photos that are taken in the kitchen won't look great on social media.
I also am not sure of the prices of the items,
as they are different at each location.
Hmm.. Okay.
I didn't think about the photos taken in the kitchen.
Maybe we shouldn't use those.
I will take care of finding the correct prices.
How does that sound?
That should solve all of my problems for now.
I will send all the photos and information over as soon as possible.
I appreciate it.
All the new menu items are dropping on Friday, right?
Maybe we should wait to post the pictures until then.
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