Conversation 103 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 103
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Morning. My name is Harvey Rose.
I booked a stay on March 25th, but I still haven't received a confirmation email.
Sorry about that, Mr. Rose.
I see you booked a room with a city view for three consecutive nights.
Just a second.
Okay, the confirmation email has just been sent.
You may check your mailbox now.
Thanks, that was quick.
By the way, could you also help me reserve a private sedan service?
It could even be a shared ride, as I don't really mind.
Actually, we offer a courtesy shuttle to and from Narita International Airport.
It departs every hour 24/7.
That's terrific.
Where should I wait for the shuttle bus?
Once you walk out of the central exit, use the crosswalk.
The bus stop is opposite the taxi stand.
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