Conversation 111 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 111
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Hello, Mr. Saunders.
This is Brittany.
I wanted to talk about the photographs we had lined up to put in all of Cameron Michelle's restaurants.
Yes, you've done a great job on that project.
How is it all going?
Well, we've had a bit of a hiccup.
They already approved all of the materials, so we ordered them,
but now Mr. Michelle is having second thoughts on the size of the photographs.
Despite being one of our biggest and most loyal clients, Mr. Michelle often has a change of heart.
Have you had a chance to see if it is too late to change our order with our distributors?
I checked.
They said we could still cancel but would be charged a 4% fee.
We have until Monday morning to let them know.
Okay, great.
If Mr. Michelle decides to go with the smaller size,
we can incorporate the 4% fee into the new quote.
Give him two choices and let him decide, without giving exact quotes.
Tell him to let me know by Sunday what he decides.
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