Conversation 112 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 112
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Good morning, I'm here for Anne-Marie Kidman's first solo show.
I'm wondering if the gallery offers any tours.
The next available guided tour starts at 6 pm.
Would you like me to book you in?
I don't think I can hang around until the evening.
That's a shame, as I've been looking forward to viewing art with an expert guide.
I'm sorry, all the other sessions are fully booked.
The exhibit has been a huge success
since it's not common to see free contemporary art exhibitions in this town.
However, there are self-guided tours if you're interested.
Is there any additional charge?
No, self-guided tours are free,
but you must have a smartphone or a computer.
You can get more information from our customer service.
Perfect. I'll look into that.
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