Conversation 18 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 18
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Hello, I bought a laptop here a while back.
Recently, I've been having major battery life issues.
A full charge used to last about 5 hours,
but now my laptop runs out of charge rapidly.
Umm… This is SuperPad 4.
Did you apply the latest firmware and driver updates?
Yeah, back in September, if my memory serves me right.
Well, this particular firmware update was supposed to enhance battery performance,
but ever since the recent September update,
many people have complained about a battery drain of 20%
even when the machine is turned off.
That's a real curveball.
I know battery performance is not covered by the warranty the same way other components are.
So what would be my best course of action for now?
Well, you just have to wait until the company rolls out new updates.
The tech giant is said to be working on a solution.
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