Conversation 24 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 24
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Hi George, we really need to figure out a strategic communications campaign for our new jeans line.
I agree.
The line has been completed and we are ready to release it,
so the time has come to hire a public relations agency to oversee the launch.
I agree, but our budget for advertising is very low for this project.
I am a little bit stressed that we won't be able to afford a company.
Have you reached out to any agencies that are near us for an estimate?
I have worked with an agency called Watergate in the past,
and I remember they were very cost-effective.
The agency did a great job, do you remember, Daniel?
I remember working with them on a lipstick launch.
They were a great match.
Oh, fantastic!
I will reach out to them to see if we can arrange a meeting.
Thanks, guys!
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