Conversation 23 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 23
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Good afternoon, Ms. Laws.
I'm Alex Jones, and my position is Head of People here at J.P. Bank.
I know you recently had an interview with the head of the Canal branch,
and he was very impressed.
I'm calling today to offer you the job.
Wow, thank you!
I am very excited,
but I am currently still working,
so I need to resign, which I can do today.
When did you want me to start?
Well, as we mentioned in your interview,
we were hoping the successful candidate would be able to start next week.
The branch manager said he would make a special exception for you,
as he thinks you would be a great team member.
We can extend the start date by an additional week,
so, two weeks from today.
I think I can make that work,
but I should check with my line manager.
I have been treated well by my current company,
so I don't want to leave them high and dry.
I am very excited to move.
How should I contact you after I speak with my manager?
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