Conversation 22 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 22
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Good morning, am I speaking with Rick Rows?
I'm Geri Calwell, from the head office.
I am still waiting for the expense reports from January.
The deadline for the reports is always on the 15th of the next month,
so I was wondering if something came up?
Hi, Geri. I'm sorry about that,
but I actually sent them off on the 12th using the interoffice mail.
I even remember placing them in the outgoing tray.
That's bizarre.
Hmm... Yeah, this has never happened before.
I will double check with the other departments
as maybe they got delivered somewhere else in the building.
Just in case, can you email me the reports as soon as possible?
I need to work on the report this afternoon,
so I will need a digital copy, just this once.
I actually have a meeting at the head office in about an hour.
I can quickly print another report and drop it off to your office before my meeting, if that suits you?
Yeah, that would be great.
I am on the fourth floor, office 402.
If for some reason I'm not in my office,
please leave it on my desk.
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