Conversation 21 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 21
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Hi, I'd like to order a large “Super Supreme” pizza
and a small double pepperoni pizza with extra cheese
and extra jalapeno peppers on both.
I want both pizzas to go, by the way.
I'm sorry. The “Super Supreme” pizza is a specialty offered in certain outlets only.
Would you like to try our new stuffed crust pizza instead?
You may choose up to five toppings for just 17.99.
Thanks, but I've been meaning to try this specialty pizza for a while.
Could you point me to another outlet that serves it?
I live just outside Steveston Village.
No problem. Hold on...
uhh, the nearest branch for you is on Moncton Street.
You might want to call the place first at 8885557625.
Better act quickly.
I heard this outlet sells out fast.
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