Conversation 3 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 3
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Good morning, this is Demi Geard.
Is Mrs. Hayley in? I am a client of hers.
Well. Mrs. Hayley is actually traveling abroad until the end of next week.
Is this an emergency?
I can attempt to contact her at the resort.
No, that is not necessary.
I was just swinging by to give her these documents.
She had asked me to sign them.
Is it okay to leave them with you?
That is no problem!
I'll make sure Mrs. Hayley is aware you dropped them off
and I'll give them to her as soon as she gets back.
Here is a post-it note,
can you please make note of what this is regarding,
so Mrs. Hayley has a clear idea when she returns?
Sure! I will do that
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