Conversation 35 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 35
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Good afternoon.
I was calling to inquire about a delivery that I am expecting for an order I placed online.
It is for a refrigerator.
I know that a lot of our refrigerator deliveries have been a couple weeks behind
because we had trouble finding the coolant material in stock.
What is the name your order was placed under?
Regina Green.
My order reference number is U9OP2.
Okay, found it.
It looks like your order has been shipped and should arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon.
That is good news, but I never got an email.
I have plans tomorrow morning, but I should be back by 12 P.M.
Do you think it will come before then?
I will put a special note for delivering your item after 12 P.M.
We can't normally do this, but since this is an extenuating circumstance, we can allow it just this once.
Is there anything else I can help you with?
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