Conversation 36 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 36
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Good afternoon.
I wanted to reach out to ask a couple of questions regarding small business banking.
I know there are several forms I need to fill out,
but what other information is needed to start a business account?
So, for the most basic business account,
there is a mandatory deposit of at least $10,000.
The process is pretty straight forward.
An account manager will look over the forms you fill out today,
we will cross-check that you have the funds,
and then you will receive an approval or denial.
When everything is filled out correctly the first time,
we can usually come to a result within 48 hours.
Oh, that seems easy enough.
Does the basic account include access to the banking app?
I run a small business,
so I would like people to have the option to pay through a bank transfer.
Can you explain that process?
Sure, no problem.
It is possible to receive payments via a bank transfer to your business account,
and we also have card scanners that you can use if you have a physical store.
If your business is an e-commerce shop,
I recommend a gold-level account,
which is helpful for taxes and bookkeeping.
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