Conversation 45 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 45
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It's been a month since I subscribed to Phenix Stream,
but I still can't have it installed.
It's so frustrating!
I really should've read the online reviews of this cable service provider closely.
That's outrageous.
It shouldn't take this long to get your cable TV set up.
Have you tried the company's customer hotline?
Yeah, just this morning.
But the agent said they no longer provide professional installation;
instead, a technician will guide me through the installation steps over the phone.
That is just absurd.
Well, I've been telling you to switch to Tik TV.
It's an online streaming service,
so no installation is required.
It also offers a huge selection of on-demand programs.
Here, let me write down its web address for you.
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