Conversation 46 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 46
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Hello, Mary.
I am in charge of the advertising for Qwixx Dish Pods
and need to put together a presentation for the marketing manager by Monday.
You were in charge of the Dishwasher Detergent campaign,
so do you have any recommendations on what I should include?
Sure thing.
The first step I always take is to look at the data that has been gathered
and figure out your target consumer audience.
Yep, I finished that earlier today.
It seems the majority of our consumers are middle-aged women.
I believe that is what your proposal was suited for.
Which method of advertising did you find most beneficial?
We primarily used the internet, social media advertisements, and influencers.
We ran a few commercials on TV.,
but after looking back at the data,
this age group gets online to seek out recommendations on household items.
I will have my secretary send over my presentation this afternoon,
so you can have a look.
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