Conversation 48 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 48
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How are you, Ronnie?
It's Molly, I'm calling from my cell phone.
I just got back from lunch and my company phone won't work.
I am sure it is connected because I hear a dial-tone,
but I can't make any calls out.
Are you sure all the wires are pushed into the back of the console?
Yes, I double checked before I called you.
Okay. Is the screen on the phone working?
There should be a green light that comes on when you pick up the phone.
Hmm.. No, actually when I pick up the phone a red light comes on.
Ah, okay!
That actually means there is a problem with the phone line.
This happened once last year.
Stay put, and I am going to come to check it out.
I'm on my way to the first floor right now.
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