Conversation 5 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 5
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Good afternoon, this is Harry Stills.
I'm calling regarding a delivery I was expecting.
I placed an order for a computer yesterday and paid for the expedited shipping.
It was supposed to be here by noon,
but here we are, two hours later, and I am still waiting.
I'm sorry about that.
The delivery crew actually just called us to let us know he had a flat tire
and was running behind on his deliveries.
He is back on the road and should arrive in the next thirty minutes.
Are you sure?
I have to leave in forty minutes for an appointment,
so I need to make sure I have it before then.
I understand.
I will call him right now and ask him to make sure you are the first stop he makes in the neighborhood.
I want to apologize for the delay.
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