Conversation 51 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 51
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Hello, Xander? This is Susan Moore.
We met on Tuesday when you did your competency assessment at British Electrics.
I wanted to let you know that you passed the assessment
and we would like to move forward in the recruitment process.
The next step is a group interview with the hiring manager, Ross Arnette.
I remember you, hello!
I'm really happy to hear that.
I am scheduled for the rest of the week, but available any day next week.
Which day works best for Mr. Arnette?
Mr. Arnette has some time on Monday,
so we would like to invite you back to our headquarters then.
We don't expect the meeting to take longer than an hour and have several time slots available.
Would you prefer a morning, or afternoon interview?
I would prefer an afternoon interview.
I have a quick question.
On your website, I clicked the boxes for the apprentice and the junior role.
Which one will this interview be for?
Well, ideally Mr. Arnette would like to see you in a junior role, based on the assessment results.
However, if he feels like you aren't quite ready,
he would also be open to the apprenticeship.
It will more or less depend on the way your interview goes.
Does 2 pm work?
Yes, I will see you then!
Thank you.
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