Short Talk 50 (Listen and Read)

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Short Talk 50
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Is your living room in need of an overhaul?
Look no further than Giant Deals.
Our annual autumn sale is happening this weekend,
at all of our six locations around the city.
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we are offering up to 75% off our entire stock,
including dining room sets, bedroom sets, couches, and more!
Are you a hospital worker?
We want to thank you for your service with a free, 2-year warranty with any purchase.
It doesn't matter if you are a nurse, doctor, or an X-ray technician,
bring a copy of your ID when making your purchase, it's that simple!
We are located locally, on Horn Lane, across from the train station.
Visit for a list of all of our locations, and what we currently have in stock.
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