Conversation 55 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 55
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Hey, are you busy?
I'm hoping you would be able to help me out finishing up the employee evaluation reports.
I have to finish them by Friday,
and I'm worried I'm not going to get them done in time.
I can help you out,
but first I have to get some lunch, I am starving.
I will just be out for thirty minutes.
I also just want to double-check with the human resource director,
as I am not allowed to see all sensitive information regarding employees.
I can send her an email now.
Sounds great.
Will you let me know if you hear back from her during your lunch?
If she denies the request, I should be able to give her a call and explain the situation.
It is about time you get the clearance anyway
since you've worked here for nearly five years!
I agree. We will see what she says.
I look forward to helping.
Do you want me to pick you up anything from the cafe?
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