Conversation 57 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 57
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Hi Jessica!
I think we have to figure out ways to cut down on our electricity consumption.
The electric bills have been soaring out of control.
We could try shutting down a few machines,
but that would decrease our production.
Oh! I heard that the government gave incentives like tax rebates to companies using alternative energy.
We should probably look into that.
Do you mean installing solar panels?
I wonder what the financial implications might be for us down the road.
Well, installing solar panels would definitely cost us a lot initially,
but we would save a lot of money in the long run.
However, the company is not in a good financial situation this year,
so it's really a toss-up.
Well, I'll contact a few authorized dealers to get some quotes.
That'll help us figure out if it's feasible.
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