Conversation 59 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 59
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Well, I received a call from Alex Jones this afternoon.
After a while, he finally admitted that he is not able to present the farewell speech at the conference
because he had an important business trip pop up.
He would, however, still like to present a smaller lecture on changes in the market.
From the beginning, we thought Mr. Jones would back out, didn't we?
I did have some idea.
When we first discussed it, he said his schedule was very busy around the time of the conference.
I should have had a back-up plan.
Don't worry, it was worth trying to get him.
We can move the schedule to have his lecture be earlier in the week,
and I'll get the CEO to give the farewell speech.
Wow, great! I am so relieved it will all work out.
I will call the CEO today about the change.
Do I need to do anything else?
We need to edit the schedule on the website as soon as possible to reflect the changes.
We should also message the attendees to let them know so there isn't any disappointment,
but I can take care of that.
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