Conversation 75 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 75
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Hello, Davis.
How was your business trip?
It was great.
I managed to find a couple of suitable suppliers for us.
I think they will be extremely helpful for our overseas market.
Good news! Tell me more about it.
There are 5 candidates in total.
Location-wise, I think this firm in Southeast Asia is a perfect fit for our company
since it is very close to the harbor.
I will do a thorough analysis later this week.
I see.
I can imagine how much money we can save on transportation costs
if we choose this company as our supplier.
Let's evaluate all the options before making a decision.
Can you finish the report by the end of this month?
No problem.
Oh, by the way, this Friday is your last chance to submit your travel reimbursement form.
Make sure all of the receipts are sent to the accounting department on time.
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