Conversation 76 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 76
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Hello, Martin. I am surprised I caught you.
I thought you were leaving for a conference in Buffalo this afternoon.
I'm actually not leaving until this evening.
I really dread those red-eye flight.
It could be worse! You could be in the economy.
I am so grateful the company appreciates our travel
and in return, now allows first-class travel to be reimbursed.
I know, isn't it great?
The HR manager told me last week.
What? You're kidding?!
I had no idea about this.
After 15 years of business travel, why now did they finally decide to allow the expense?
I heard a lot of sales managers threatened to look for new jobs due to the long flights.
Human resources think this will alleviate some stress the managers were facing.
That's great news!
It certainly helps to reduce my stress level.
I have to go, I'm going to call the airline to upgrade my flight right now.
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