Conversation 77 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 77
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So, the last thing in the agenda before we wrap up our end of the year meeting
is choosing the MVP of the Year.
I know we don't typically give the Most Valuable Person award to someone who didn't work a complete year with us,
but maybe we should make an exception.
Sarah Glassman has been phenomenal since she started with us.
Yes, she has done great.
Despite not having experience in sales,
she helped us reach our goal of over 350 sales in a month.
This has been something we've strived for since we opened eight years ago.
Yes, and by looking at this graph, it's clear she was a great hire.
Our sales have only continued to rise since she began.
I just wonder if the rest of the team will be disappointed.
They are long-time employees
and may feel like she doesn't have the seniority that typically comes with this reward.
Hmm.. you may be right,
but she gets along with everyone,
and I believe everyone should recognize her value and hard work.
If anything, it may inspire the rest of the team.
Good point.
Okay, that is decided!
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