Conversation 85 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 85
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Hi, Jason. I think we are running into some problems here.
How come?
If you remember, Griffin Lighting ordered 4,000 light bulbs from us last month.
We are supposed to have them ready and ship all of the bulbs to Griffin Lighting by next Friday.
Yes, and what is the issue?
Well. There's a chance that we might not meet the deadline,
as many employees had requested vacation before we took this project,
so we're understaffed this month.
Hmm. I think we will have to turn down some of those requests
and ask some of our staff to work overtime.
You know, Griffin Lighting is an important client of ours.
That's true.
I'll talk to some of our employees now about rescheduling their vacations
and ask if anyone wants to work overtime this week and the week after.
I'll give you a full report tomorrow.
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