Conversation 86 (Listen and Read)

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Conversation 86
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Hi, there.
I am calling to schedule a parcel collection.
I have six boxes of coffee drippers to be shipped to Detroit by December 15.
Can you send someone by 3 o'clock this afternoon?
Sorry, ma'am.
Our couriers are working around the clock during the holiday season,
so we cannot guarantee the exact pickup time.
I would recommend that you bring the parcels to our downtown drop-off building
so that they can get shipped out in time.
Alright then.
Just a quick reminder.
In order to protect the contents from damage,
each box must be filled with sufficient packing materials.
Okay, just one more thing.
Would it be too late if I dropped off the package by 4:30 pm?
Downtown traffic can be crazy at times.
That would be fine.
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