Short Talk 119 (Listen and Read)

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Short Talk 119
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Good afternoon, this is a message intended for Bethany Frank.
This is Holly Phillips, calling from The Cheshire Farm Supplier.
Yesterday, you ordered peaches from Sweet Georgia farms.
I am sorry to say, the owner of the farm just notified me he sold his entire stock yesterday morning,
so we're unable to fill your order.
Now, I know you needed at least 500 peaches, so this is not a common order,
so we are in a bit of a pickle.
I did find a few options that could possibly work.
We did find a supplier who sells peaches in a pack of 250,
so I suggest ordering two packs to fulfill your order.
This is the most economical choice.
The decision is yours,
so just call me back at 5552312 to let me know how you want to proceed.
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