Short Talk 118 (Listen and Read)

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Short Talk 118
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Quiet down everyone, let's begin.
You are well aware that our sales declined in the last quarter,
and I'm sad to say but we did not bring them up in this quarter either.
By looking at the graph, you can clearly see that computers were our highest selling product,
but even they have been dropping.
In addition to this, the sales of headphones seemed to go up in July,
then have started to decrease.
Hard drives, which weren't great last year, have gone up minimally,
but we still didn't meet our sales goals.
Even worse, the sales of televisions seem to pass their peak in May and have started to decrease.
To increase the sales, we are launching new headphones in September,
when we normally already see an explosive increase in headphones sales.
Our goal now is to come up with a marketing strategy,
so we can exceed our goals and turn this situation around.
Let's discuss the marketing strategy now.
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