Short Talk 65 (Listen and Read)

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Short Talk 65
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Hi everyone, I appreciate you coming in on short notice.
As I mentioned in my email, we have been working hard to keep senior citizens in the area active.
Through the help and contributions from the community,
we are happy to say we finally opened the Senior Community Center last week.
Through this center, we are able to provide exercise classes and social events to the elderly, free of charge.
Most of our members have some sort of physical handicap,
so we are researching suitable programs for them.
We are sad to say that we are running out of funds to create these programs.
Right now, we need help from local entertainers to volunteer in the new programs.
We are looking for dance instructors, DJs and physical trainers.
I have handed out a list of vendors
and would like your help in contacting them, to ask for help.
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