Practice English with dictation exercises

Dictation is a method to learn languages by listening and writing down what you hear. It is a highly effective method!

This website contains hundreds of dictation exercises to help English learners practice easily and improve quickly.

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How practicing dictation will improve your English skills?

When practicing exercises at, you will go through 4 main steps, all of them are equally important!

Listen to the audio

1. Listen to the audio

Through the exercises, you will have to listen a lot; that's the key to improving your listening skills in any learning method.

Type what you hear

2. Type what you hear

Typing what you hear forces you to focus on every detail which helps you become better at pronunciation, spelling and writing.

Check & correct

3. Check & correct

Error correction is important for your listening accuracy and reading comprehension, it's best to learn from mistakes.

Read it out loud

4. Read it out loud

After complete a sentence, try to read it out loud, it will greatly improve your pronunciation & speaking skills!

Available exercises

Currently, there are more than 1000 exercises on our website, they are divided into different topics. Below is the list of all the topics and some exercises for each of them:

Short Stories

A collection of audio articles introducing culture, people, places, historical events and daily life in English-speaking countries, especially Canada and America.

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Daily Conversations

Short and fun English conversations in common situations you may experience in daily life.

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TOEIC Listening

In this section, there are a lot of conversations and short talks in everyday life and at work. Let's practice and improve your English communication skills!

View all

TOEFL Listening

TOEFL listening recordings are academic conversations & lectures, mainly in American English. These recordings will help you to get better preparation if you are planning to study in an English-speaking country, especially the US and Canada.

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Spelling Names

Let's learn and practice the English alphabet by spelling some common English names.

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Let's improve your ability to understand English numbers when they are spoken quickly by an American.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program free?

Yes, it's 100% FREE!

Is this website for beginners?

As long as you can understand this page, you're good to go! But it's better if you know basic English pronunciation, if you don't, watch this YouTube series.

How long will it take to become fluent with this website?

It depends on many things (such as your current level, how many hours you will spend each day). I can only say that your English will improve very quickly with this method.

Will my speaking skills improve using this method?

Speaking and listening skills are related together, once you have better listening skills, it's much easier and faster to improve your speaking skills.
Also, you can try to read out loud what you hear, your skills will improve really quickly!